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Standard Ceramic Casting Slips

Low-Fire White Slip - C/06-04
Pours smoothly and quickly, drains evenly, produces greenware of good strength.
Absorption at C/04: 17%
2-gallon boxes - $8.50 per box.
1-gallon plastic jars - $6.90 per jar

Low-Fire Terracotta Slip - C/06-04
A classic terracotta color at C/04. An Excellent casting slip which can be used for all types of molds. Very good for functional ware.
Absorption at C/04: 5%
2-gallon boxes - $16.00 per box

White Stoneware Slip - C/6
A smooth pouring stoneware slip. Releases easily. Excellent for utility ware.
Absorption at C/6: 3.3%
2-gallon boxes - $14.00 per box

Tan Stoneware Slip - C/6-10
A smooth pouring stoneware slip. Fires beige in oxidation, brown in reduction. Good for functional ware.
Absorption at C/6: 2.0%
2-gallon boxes - $14.00 per box

Porcelain Slip - C/6
Beautiful porcelain finish that releases easily and has good green strength.
Shrinkage at C/6: 16.5%, Absorption at C/6: 1.2%
1-gallon jars - $17.40 per 1-gallon jar

English Porcelain Slip - C/6
A fine parian like porcelain. White, tight and transluscent where thin.
Shrinkage at C/6: 15.5%, Absorption at C/6: 0.9%
1-gallon jars - $20.25 per jar

French Blush Porcelain Slip
A lovely pale pink porcelain. Perfect for doll making.|
Shrinkage at C/6: 15.5%. Absorption at C/6: 0.5%
1-gallon jars - $21.50 per jar

Custom Casting Slips
Standard will mix slips to your specifications. Viscosity and specific gravity must be provided. 50-gallon minimum order. No setup charge.

Large Quantity Orders
All slips are available in 275-gallon totes. Call for pricing.